Zero Food Waste Week

It is a common observation in our day to day life that huge quantity of food gets wasted in our mess on a daily basis whether it is at functions, our home or our college mess irrespective of quality and variety of food. Almost 19 crore people sleep with an empty stomach in India with as many as 4500 children under the age of 5 years die hunger-related deaths, every day. With this in mind KRITASH in association with Arthic (IIT Jammu Arts Club), Abhivyakt (IIT Jammu Literary Club) Dramatizers (IIT Jammu Dramatics Club), and Photography and Flim making Club organized a “No Food Wastage Week” from 12-18 February 2021. Our basic aim is to remind people that “we must value what we have.”

Day 1

“Drama serves as real mirror which reflects ‘who we are’ not ‘what we look like’.”

On day 1 of the “Zero Food Wastage week”, the Dramatizers performed a nukkad-natak depicting the harsh reality of food wastage on a daily basis. They hilariously presented the reactions of different people, who see food being wasted in front of them every day. The hunger, misery, and pitiful condition of the poor was portrayed in a stark contrast to the mindset of well off people having no respect for food. The drama taught us to appreciate what we have and we promised ourselves that we will not let food be wasted around us.

Day 2

On the second day of “No Food Wastage week” members of Arthic showed brilliant creativity in depicting reducing of food wastage. These creative posters are made from waste ‘maggie cuppa cans’ and ‘used cardboards’. The saying “Well begun is half done” is holding true for the ongoing “Zero Food Wastage Week” in IIT Jammu. There was a huge cutdown on food wastage on the second day. All the people present in the campus were asked to:-
1. Put the leftover food in the dustbin themselves.
2. Take as much as they can eat.
3.Ask their table mates to empty their plates.

Day 3

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Day 4

On the day 4 of ‘’Zero food wastage week’’ we provide you with the collection of moments from the No Food Waste Week Moments captured by the members of Kritash. As the photos represent , food is as much about the moment, the occasion, the location and the company as it is about the taste.
We just wanted to provide a simple message “Enjoy food but don’t waste it”.

Day 7

Mahatma Gandhi said,” Be the change you want to see in the world.” Students of IIT Jammu, being the future face of our country are following the words and on day-7 of ‘Zero food wastage week’ we provide you with a a collection of photos of depicting students of IIT Jammu ate all what they took on plate and set the trend of lessening food wastage.