Emotional Health of Covid Saviours

During these unprecedented times, doctors have been among those affected harshly. Handling patients who suffer from this deadly disease and seeing people die in front of them everyday, is not a job of the soft hearted ones.
Doctors are people with great courage, strength and knowledge.

They deserve much respect in the society. But during these covid times, in spite of working solely for the citizens, they had to face many negative circumstances which affected them adversely.
On the occasion of National Doctor’s day, to pay tribute to our frontliners and to primarily talk over the emotional health of covid saviours and their families, Kritash presents a web seminar on ‘Mental Health Of Covid Warriors’.
The speaker for this webinar will be:Dr. Manmeet Singh, Associate Prof. Dept. of Psychiatry, ASCOMS Jammu.

Date : 2nd July 2021
Time : 4 pm Onwards