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If you read the article below,you agree to the condition that I am in no way responsible for any consequences caused by any of the medication mentioned below. They were prescribed to one person of a certain age group suffering from one certain extent of disease

Many people across the country have fought and are still fighting against COVID-19. Some of them won the battle while some of them became victims to the virus. But at these times, when we are surrounded by a life threatening darkness, we should look for light. We should only focus on hope. Hope to live and hope to win, and that hope becomes stronger only in the presence of people that we love and people that care for us.

Here is one such story of a railway engineer, that shows us that we can fight any kind of disease when we have ‘our’ people beside us. He became weak due to the virus physically which made him lose hope in life but then grew stronger everyday when that one person he wanted to share his life with, stood beside him.

“As most of the workplaces opened and I, at last, had a chance to get out of the boredom and escape the loneliness in my house. I was living alone in the city with my parents miles away from me. 

As much as I was filled with joy to continue working, I was also scared. I was scared about my life and my parents’. But I gathered up all my courage and followed all the safety measures and went to work. 

Everybody was taking all measures in their own manner. For instance, my co-worker Rahul was maintaining at least six feet distance between anybody near him, applied the sanitizer once every hour and never took off his mask. He even drank water by going out of the room and in absence of anyone. He was being very careful. Why wouldn’t he be? He had a wife and two little kids waiting for him at home. And I on the other hand, belonged to that group of employees who had no one to open the door at my home after a busy and tired day of work. So I guess, that was the reason I couldn’t keep up to the precautions, which I should have followed.

If someone sneezes or coughs, discussing it becomes the new normal everywhere. Just like students gossip around. It was what sprung up everywhere. ‘That guy is sneezing. Stay away from him. That guy is coughing. Maybe he’s infected!’ But, the thing was…it was just gossip.

One day I returned to my one-bedroom house, I freshened up and lied on the bed. Next day I woke up to a seemingly normal day, until I couldn’t feel the taste of anything I ate. I just couldn’t feel the taste of anything at all. I took a leave that day and thought it was common cold. But as the day proceeded, my body’s temperature rose up with every stroke of the clock.

So I decided to get myself tested for COVID-19. Having thought so, I locked my place and went to a scan centre and took a CT scan for COVID. As I was waiting outside, the report came in. It said I was at the 4th stage of COVID. My heart just skipped a beat and my mind went blank, I couldn’t think of anything. But I returned to my senses because of heavy coughing. The staff at the scan centre asked me to get myself checked at a hospital they suggested. Without any further delay, I left for the hospital. They asked me to revisit after getting an IMCR test done and claimed that the CT scan was not valid. I rushed to the Government general hospital. I gave my sample, my personal details and I was given a time of 24 hrs for the test results. I started feeling spaced out, but the symptoms were starting to make a move again. As I was struggling to breathe normally and maintain my cool, they suggested I go visit another hospital as I was having a hard time with the fever and cold. As I went there, I was told to visit a scan centre which was situated outside the city, because they gave test results a lot faster. Running out of options, I gave my test there and after a while I discovered that my test results were negative. I felt relieved, but I was also confused at the same time. Earlier that day, I was told the exact opposite to what I was hearing then. There was no time to think as my body started shivering. They told me to go back to the hospital as I was in bad shape. Upon reaching the hospital, I was told that they won’t be offering treatment for COVID-19 negative patients. So I rushed back to the Government general hospital and on my way back, I received a phone call from the scan centre outside the city stating that there has been some kind of mix-up and that I actually tested positive for COVID-19. Upon hearing this, it felt like someone was squeezing my mind inside-out. As I reached the hospital and showed my results, I was informed that they were out of beds in the hospital and that they couldn’t do anything. At that moment, I lost it and I was about to scream at my fullest on them, but my cough and fever were stopping me. So, I distanced myself from everyone around me and came home silently and laid down on the bed.

It took me only a few hours to lose hope. I called my parents and informed them about the current status of my health. They cried, They wanted me to come back and live with them and so, I did. It only seemed right for me to live out my last days with the people who gave birth to me. But then I changed my decision as I realised I was imposing danger on their lives too.

So I stayed in my room with a slipping heart for 3 whole days. All this while, my mother cried her heart out and my father was lost in depression. I became so weak, that I was running short of breath.

So I decided to call my friends and let them know about my status quo and as I was talking to them , I was reliving all my memories I shared with them. We all were laughing thinking of our past-selves. All the stupid and fun moments that we had were flashing in front of my eyes. In the end I thanked them for sticking by my side all this time. After the call, I went back inside and started craving for chocolate. So instead of going out, I ordered myself many chocolates. While going through them, there was one chocolate named “Galaxy” which reminded me of someone from my childhood. She was the reason I used to go to school without skipping a single day. Back in the day, she gave this chocolate to me and my class on her birthday, and at that very moment I wanted to tell her that she was my galaxy, but couldn’t muster up my courage as I kept on thinking that I would lose my friendship with her if she was to reject me. But heck with all that, I guess I couldn’t care anymore about it because LIFE was rejecting me then. So I texted her about my feelings and also my then current situation to her.

The next morning she texted me back saying, ‘let’s talk about this later. For now, let’s focus on getting you better.’ And with that text, came a number. Her texting back lifted my spirits so high that I only wished for the situations to be different. She called me saying that the number was a friend of hers who was a doctor. With nothing else to do, I called that number. 

As I was talking to him, I told him all about the incidents that happened to me when I was running around for my test results. Firstly, the doctor told me that CT scans are not accurate when it comes to testing for COVID-19 because the imaging which was obtained on a CT scan could not be distinguished for COVID or any other respiratory diseases like the seasonal flu. A lot of COVID positive people had the same chest scan results as healthy individuals. The only accurate way was to get COVID-19 testing done, which took 24 hours to be done. Once the test was given, and if the result said that you were tested positive, you had to reach out to the government hospital or to the COVID helpline number “1075”. In an unfortunate case like mine, you had to refrain yourself from wandering outside. All the other tests were just a waste of money and time. Compulsory oxygen saturation level checks had to be made every 8 hours once using a PULSE-OXIMETER. If in any case, the saturation levels fell below below 80, I was asked to rush to the hospital or otherwise it would be fatal if the saturation levels were to fall further.

After this, I informed him about my symptoms. He took a brief moment and told me, “listen son, judging from your symptoms, you do have COVID-19, but there is no reason to panic, let me just give you the medication that I am giving my patients over here”. Having said so, he sent me the list of medicines through WhatsApp.

Favipiravir tablets And Hydroxychloroquine tablets Or Favipiravir tablets – 200 mg And Ivermectin tablets. If you are experiencing trouble breathing, then Methylprednisolone — three times a day after intake of food is a must and should. NAPROXEN only if you are having fever and headache constantly. ORS one litre a day even if diabetic. TOPMUNE – Immunity booster, contains all the vitamins and minerals which are essential for immunity.

After using these tablets according to the course and doing yoga and other breathing exercises, I started feeling better and my oxygen saturation levels rose up. Also she constantly kept calling me and kept checking on me, which kept my morale up. Of course, it feels nice when you are cared enough by people.

But if it wasn’t for her, I don’t know if I would’ve been alive. With the prescriptions, the measures that the doctor gave me through texts and the everyday calls from my love, I had a new hope for my life. That hope helped me rise up and removed the loneliness which I felt until a few days ago.

Right now, I feel strong physically and I’ve never felt this strong physically ever in my life. My parents were so surprised to see me this well in the morning. I went to the hospital and gave my COVID-19 test again. Somewhere inside me, I know the result and when it is confirmed, the first thing I’ll do is to run to my love.”


This story is based on various true incidents which happened around me and I thank Miss Dhanyatha Boylla for helping me in weaving these stories.

Content Credits Guntuboina Sai Nagendra Rohith

8 thoughts on “Home Quarantine . . .

  1. This story so nicely illuminates how a covid patient, not only struggles with the ailment. But has to fight so much more due to the poor health infrastructure of the country. Maybe we should rethink what we really consider as war, and about what proportions we spend on the army, and not even half of it on the health of the country.

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    • This is True Mr.Rohith
      Myself I have experienced this problem.
      Very few health professional having knowledge on covid..
      Eventhough I am covid positive & in self isolation for 2 week still my sample given on 19 july still showing as’ SAMPLE ACCEPTED’ in official website.
      As you mentioned 90% of the people under confusion on covid.

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